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The Browns are shipping their starting running back to Jacksonville. Carlos Hyde has been traded fro...
Pop star Rihanna stands with former 49ers quarterback and social justice advocate Colin Kaepernick. ...
Tamar's former cohost finally address "the big elephant in the room." Loni Love and the women of "Th...
My wife of 8 months was an independent women, she won't become dependent & allow me to be a man;...
Every Monday 5:00pm on ShopTalk with Mel blogtalk channel. How  the Wife Becomes the Other Woman is a published book written by Mel Ross, there was also a stage play based off the stories in this book.
High school and adult level education programs differ significantly. As a result, different types of...
WASHINGTON D.C. -- The U.S Housing and Urban Development will require public housing developments to...



A native of Youngstown, Ohio, she is one of Youngstown-Warren's informative radio personalities. She's the host of "ShopTalk with Mel," and her motto is     Find U - Embrace U - Love U

  • Radio Personality.
  • Author.
  • Playwright.

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